• name: BASELL Process technology Polypropylene plant air delivery system


Basel technology of polypropylene plant as a representative of the slurry method, with more mature and reliable features, the current domestic petrochemical industry have different sets of equipment in operation. The characteristics of the system are that the powder flow is balanced with the flow of granular material, and the powder conveying system adopts closed conveying system with nitrogen as conveying medium. The granule system flow begins from the extrusion granulator exit, Packaging silo imports so far.
Bolong company based on the characteristics of polypropylene materials, developed a suitable process parameters to ensure the stable operation of closed-circuit powder powder, in particular the development of coated bag filter and high-precision gas filter combined with gas filtration, to avoid a more fine-grained Powder into the power machinery internal problems, and the use of instrument hierarchical control technology, so that the pipeline system is always maintained within the micro-positive pressure state, to prevent the oxygen into the transport system, to avoid the oxidation of polypropylene powder reaction.

Bolong company can provide the full range of wind technology delivery system, the current construction by the Bolong company has been running the maximum capacity of such devices 300,000 tons / year, single-line maximum transmission capacity of 80 tons / hour.


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